There are 66 Kitchen Design professionals registered on Houzz in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. Each professional specialises in providing homeowners with functional, aesthetically pleasing and efficient kitchen layouts that fit their lifestyle. These professionals assist homeowners with the selection of cabinetry, countertops, appliances, fixtures and finishes, preparing detailed drawings and specifications, creating 3D visualizations and collaborating with tradespeople to ensure the design is successfully implemented.

The use of dark benchtops is a trend that’s being seen more often in Tauranga homes. Whether it’s combined with light cabinetry or darker timber, dark benches bring a luxurious and sophisticated feel to the kitchen space. Homeowners are also using dark tapware and black splashbacks to add depth and contrast.

If you’re looking for storage options, try installing standalone shelving in your tiny Kitchen Maker Tauranga designs. This is an effective way to store items such as plates and bowls or even books. You can also install clear containers in your cabinets so you can see what’s inside rather than having to go through everything. This helps to prevent items from getting lost or going out of date.

Another kitchen idea for small areas is utilizing your stovetop as a work surface. This is great if you’re a cook who loves to multitask and can save you a lot of time by being able to do more than just one thing at a time. You can purchase burner covers and place them on your stovetop to make it a workspace.

If you’re looking to renovate your Tauranga kitchen, be sure to consider the use of neutral colours as they are known to open up spaces and make them appear larger. Some colour choices, like Dulux’s Mason Bay Quater WN27 or Epsom VW C100 can actually make your rooms look bigger and brighter.