Known for their sensuous story lines, steamy scenes and heart-wrenching plots, the telenovela is a television genre that has been popular across Latin America. Most are a hundred episodes or more and run for about a year. While each one has a different plot, many feature similar themes: siblings or parents separated for years, feuds over money and power, and love that fights countless obstacles before coming to a happy ending.

There are a number of ways to stream telenovelas telinha online novela online. For example, Univision’s website offers a number of these shows in their catalog. The site also has English subtitles available for these Spanish-language productions. Alternatively, you can purchase edited DVDs of some of these telenovelas from a variety of retailers. Some telenovelas are produced only in the country of origin, but others such as “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea” (Ugly Betty) have been redone for distribution in dozens of other countries.

While a lot of telenovelas deal with dark and disturbing subjects, some are uplifting. For example, the telenovela “La Chiqui” stars Katherine Escobar Farfan as Cecelia who, nicknamed “La Chiqui,” must forge her own path in a family of trucking tycoons. As she faces machismo and traditional beliefs, she finds her own strength and proves that women are as powerful as men.

Another telenovela that takes on a light-hearted tone is “Running from Destiny.” This series features a woman named Alma who suffers the humiliation of having her children called after her dead husband’s first wife Cayetana. As she tries to seek revenge, she gets tangled up with her brothers’ plans and finds love along the way.

As the popularity of telenovelas has declined in recent years, a number of new series are taking aim at the tropes and stereotypes that make them so addictive. Eva Longoria, who is no stranger to telenovelas, stars in “Telenovela,” a comedy that goes behind the scenes of a sizzling TV star and her off-camera drama that rivals her show’s story lines.

If you are ready to watch a telenovela that will leave you wanting more, check out “The Marked Heart.” This Colombian production has a short run but is sure to leave your heart racing. Filled to the brim with all of the enticing and addictive tropes that telenovela fans have come to love, this edge-of-your-seat thriller will have you hooked in no time. This telenovela also tackles societal prejudice and misogyny in an honest, uplifting manner.