Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

Accidents and emergencies can take place at any time, including when you least expect it.  Fires can be especially devastating and cause extensive damage.  Fire damage affects people in addition to destroying property.  It is extremely important that a reputable fire and smoke damage restoration company be hired to help restore and cover the damages that have occurred.    

Fire might break out at your house for any number of reasons.  There could be numerous reasons that cause a fire to breakout at your home.  Before hiring a restoration service, you need to know what the various kinds of fires there are first.  The following is a discussion of them:  

1.  The first kind of fire that might erupt is caused by flammable solids such as plastic, paper, rubber, cloth and wood items.

2.  The second kind of fire is caused by flammable liquids as well as solids that may become liquefied after they catch fire.  This includes items such as plastic, paint, wax and gas.   

3.  Flammable gasses are the third category that can cause a fire to catch at your house.  They include natural gas, propane, butane and hydrogen.

4.  The fourth category of fire is caused by combustible materials such as magnesium, potassium and sodium. 

5.  The fifth kind of fire is quite similar to the first two types.  There is a slight difference however since electrical elements are involved. 

6.  The sixth kind of fire breakout at a house is the result of cooking oils and fats.  These kind of fire breakout is quite similar to the second kind but is more severe in nature.  Fires caused by cooking fats and oils are significantly hotter and can therefore cause severe damage. 

There are two broad categories of damages that can be caused by a house fire.  The first one is damages that a fire causes and the second one is damages that are caused by smoke.  It is important to understand what the difference is between fire damage and smoke damage.  So let’s discuss smoke damage further.   

The flame from a fire breaking out inside a house is the main factor that causes destruction and damage.  However, another major source of damage is the smoke that gets emitted from the burning materials.  Certain items can also be burned by smoke.  They can also penetrate into some materials and cause them to emit bad odor and become discolored.  They leave caustic residue buildup behind as well.  Read to follow to learn more about how smoke is formed after certain materials burn.          

1.  Wet smoke is the first kind of smoke.  In gets created in slowly burning low temperature fires.  It is called wet smoke because a sticky and thick residual matter film is created that can build up on surfaces.  Very strong odors are also emitted.  It can be very hard to remove the bad odors and clean up the residue that this type of smoke causes.       

3.  The second kind of smoke is dry smoke.  It may be emitted whenever materials burn at extremely high temperatures.  Extensive damage can be caused by this kind of smoke.  However, it is fairly easy to clean the residue off of solid surfaces.  If powdery substance from the dry smoke gets into the porous substances or cracks of your house, it can cause the environment to be filled with bad odor.  Cleaning this up on your own is a very difficult task.  A fire and smoke damage restoration expert should be hired.  They can provide you with excellent service. 

3.  The third kind of smoke is caused when organic materials and food burn.  This is referred to as protein smoke.  The type of soot from this kind of smoke is usually light in color.  You can feel it even though it isn’t always easy to see.  It emits very disturbing odor which can discolor wooden surfaces permanently.

4.  The fourth kind of smoke is petroleum smoke which has a dark appearance and can badly discolor and stain anything it comes into contact with.

We are an expert Miami fire and smoke damage restoration company.  Our professional team of experts provide excellent services for restoring and recovering damages caused by smoke and fire.  If a fire breakout has affected your home, give us a call.  We are here to help and offer you our professional services.

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