“Amardeep Steel Ltd. amardeepsteel.com is a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of different products such as tubes, pipes, plates, fittings, automatic parts like pressure vessel, stainless steel, pillars, tank fittings etc. Also, deals in the manufacturing and repair of electrical components and machinery. ” The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a Public Limited Company. It is located in Bangalore, India. The name Amadeep comes from the Indian term ‘amedha’ meaning a bridge or a connecting stream.

The amardeep steel centre was established in 1948 by Avindy Industries Ltd with the name ‘Srinagar Steel Plant’. “The original building stands on the site of an old Dutch colonial fort,” according to the site. In its early years the company made pipes and cylinders and the processing continued until the war broke out. During that period the plant processed all kinds of steel products including pipes, tubes, sheets, casings, weldments, valves, pump sets, valve boxes, wire rope and other heavy industrial raw materials. The demand for this industrial raw materials increased tremendously during the Second World War.

Today, India is the world leader in the production, processing, consumption and export of industrial raw materials. The following industries are primary users of Amadeep Steel Products: Fluid treatment, Automotive & transportation industry, Chemical industry, Electric Power Industry, Cosmetology sector, Paper industry, Plastics industry, Metals industry, Refining Industry, Refrigeration sector. These are just a few of the main users of this popular steel product. The following primary producers of Amadeep Steel Products are: Reliance Group, Videocon Industries Ltd., Manganese Corporation, Adco Industries, Unitech Corporation, Indian Steel Corporation, Ltd., JK Puram Ltd., Bhadgal Industries, Hiranandani Contractors Ltd., K Radiomarine plc, Unwin plc, Besmeger plc, MTIC Ltd., Ansal International, Kanchaner plc, SIHTEC Oils, Mphasis Industries Ltd., etc. These manufacturers sell all types of Amadeep Stainless Steel Products worldwide.

This company is one of the leading importers and exporters of stainless steel products in the world. The Company has established six production plants in India. The first plant was set up in nilhegaon, Chennai. Then the plants at Kodaikanal, Mysore, Kolkata, Bilaspur and Kodaikanal-Romeo were established. These plants manufacture finished products in a timely manner. The products manufactured by these plants are used for different applications such as Deck Building, Metal Work, Hotels, Conduit Coating, Heat exchangers, Oil Refractory, Cable Coating, Insulating materials, etc.

Amadeep Steel products are prepared by various processes. The foremost process equipments used by Amadeep Steelworks are welders, weld process material, heat treat furnaces, die cutting machine, welding rods, grinders, turning rolls and plate rolls, cutting machines, grinding machines, etc. The leading industries across the globe use these welders and other heat treat furnace equipment to manufacture Amadeep Steel products.

The world’s leading importer and exporter of pressure vessel steels are Shandwick Steel and its downstream division is Albemarle Industries Limited. The raw materials that are procured from Amadeep are galvanized steel, forgings, cold work steel, hot work steel, high alloy steel, cold rolled steel, blanks, steel blocks, etc. Initially the galvanized and cold rolled sheets were used to make the products but now the hot rolled sheets are preferred as the product is easily available and the product manufacturing cost is also low. A variety of products are manufactured out of this steel including building materials, fencing, hanging shelves, overhead structures, pipe fittings, mechanical components, automotive products, railway equipments, etc.

In the year 1984, the first phase of the project ‘Amadeep’ was initiated and in the year 1986 the construction work on the first phase was successfully completed. The second phase began in the year 1987 and continued till the year 1994. The third phase continued until the year 1998 and was again successful. During the entire period of Amadeep Steel’s existence the raw material has been procured from various suppliers and mills. The biggest gain of this company has been the usage of galvanized steel bars and wire meshes for a wide range of applications.

Today Amadeep Steel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pressure vessel components and welding and metalworking machines. The company has gained recognition all over the world for its superior quality welding products. The quality of the galvanized steel bars is renowned and it is used for a wide range of applications. Many engineers choose to use this steel for their projects as it has excellent ductility and high tensile strength. With the help of this process equipment users can cut down the costs to a great extent. Amadeep Steel has emerged as a leader among all other steel companies all over the world and is at par with any other company that deals in welding and process equipment such as heat exchangers.