When it comes to a travel shirt, you want a fabric that will keep you comfortable in a variety of weather conditions while being functional at the same time. We think merino wool is a great choice for this, especially since it offers so many benefits in terms of durability, comfort, and temperature regulation.

The best shirts made from merino are often a little bit pricier than some of the other fabrics we’ve listed below, but the quality of this wool makes up for the expense. It’s soft and breathable, and it can be worn as either a baselayer or solo.

If you’re looking for something a little bit lighter, some companies offer a blend that’s a combination of merino and synthetic fibers like nylon. These synthetics offer added durability while avoiding compressing the merino and letting it breathe. The most popular blend is probably SmartWool’s 87% merino wool with 13% nylon, though Icebreaker also uses a similar formula in their Anatomica, Body Fitzone, and Siren tees.

It’s worth mentioning¬†long sleeve merino wool shirt that you should be careful about how much you wash this type of wool shirt, or even any cotton/polyester mix. This blend can be difficult to maintain, as the merino can lose its elasticity over time and begin to absorb more water than necessary.

The best women’s merino shirts are crafted from a fabric that uses a natural wicking process to draw moisture away from your skin. This helps to dry you off faster and prevent the odors that can sometimes occur when sweat gets trapped against your clothes.

We’ve also found that a shirt made of this material can be worn for days in a row without washing it, which is perfect for those who plan on hiking or climbing all day long. Similarly, it’s great for camping nights when you don’t want to risk ruining your sleeping bag by staining it with dirt.

Another benefit of merino is that it can insulate against moisture from getting in, so it can be useful when your hiking socks or baselayers get wet on the trail. The moisture doesn’t soak into the shirt, so you don’t get a bunch of damp pockets on your chest and back.

There are a few good options out there, but our pick is the Wool & Prince Women’s Fitted Shirt, which offers a tailored fit and bust darts. It’s available in four colors, all with white buttons and a front breast pocket that blends into the design.

This tee is also an excellent travel t-shirt because it is so lightweight and comfortable that you can wear it for days on end. This is because merino is naturally odor-resistant and moisture wicking, meaning it will take in your sweat and evaporate it before it smells.

It’s the ideal foundation for your travel wardrobe, because it’s a versatile material that can be used under a jacket in cold weather or on its own during warmer conditions. The merino is also a naturally insulating fiber, so it’s great when you’re doing things that require a layer of insulation, such as mountain biking or skiing.